Thank You!

Your responses have been loving and kind. There are no words to express the gratitude for your time and attention to my story. I read every review and while I can't share them all (lack of space), I want to showcase a few that touched my heart.

-Shawnise Chantell


Shawnise, what an incredible encounter your near-death experience must have been! I loved reading all about it and envy your experience. You are a miracle, and you should keep sharing your story. People need to hear it. God bless you, dear heart, and may you continue to heal!

-Judy Kaelin

Shawnise, I'm a retired nurse so my ears perked up when you spoke of your medical difficulties. They were many, enough for seven or more people! It's remarkable how you managed to get through all of that. You are a medical miracle, that's for sure. I hope you continue with improved health and spiritual growth.

-Susan Fanning

Shawnise, I was shocked by how many medical ailments you endured back-to-back. Talk about tribulations! But I LOVE your POSITIVE attitude despite it all. I also love that NDE inspires such beauty and emotion. Thank you for that session. The more I hear these ‘Talking Flower’ NDEs it makes me look at flowers in a whole new light. Maybe we should start talking to flowers?! God Bless!

-Hajah Heals

Shawnise, what a beautiful and inspirational story of survival. God obviously has plans for you. Deep peace and divine love.

-Mary Lou Bisinski

Shawnise, rarely have I have come across a kind soul as yours. You have inspired me and I’m sure many others. Strangers from far and near will feel emotions from your story. I am still in awe over your entire ordeal including your sickness, faith, recovery, and your ability to touch people by the strength you've demonstrated by fighting one illness after another. Your story is truly heartfelt and slowly brought a mist of sadness to my eyes and by the end of your words, my tears were flowing. Although we are strangers, I felt sadness for you but only for a short time as I was reminded to slow down and remember that life really is only a "series of moments.” Some will take these moments for granted. However, I will think of you when I'm feeling sorry for myself, when I feel like life is not going well or as I planned and remember to be grateful.

-Heidi Fairbanks

Shawnise, I can’t imagine the energy it cost for you to gather these experiences and write them out so eloquently for us to absorb. You're indeed a miracle and an inspiration.

-Janell Selkie Oelrich-Schreiber

Shawnise: Far out! Now that’s a story - one I feel will be relevant for many, many years.

-Elizabeth Fowkes

Shawnise, thank you for the courage it took to share your powerful and beautiful story.

-Cynthia Brink


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