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One night during Shawnise Chantell's first year of recovery from her near-death experience, she witnessed chest compression being administered to a woman on television who was experiencing a cardiac arrest. The scene was instantly triggering because of the author’s own experience. Visions of the distressful event sparked feelings of grief, anxiety, and depression.

At her father’s recommendation, the author sought mental health assistance to help her process the trauma. The therapy was life-altering and partly what the author credits with her current journey towards recovery.

Shawnise's decision to seek help has inspired her to turn her trials into triumphs. Her hope is that by sharing her story, God Within the Lily, with others she can help others turn their life around as well.  

"God declared that I shall live and not die!"

God Within the Lily

Every Moment Matters

I have scars that are not pretty. In fact, they are ugly. However, I embrace them because they remind me every day just how close I came to being gone forever. And I remember to be grateful that God spared my life.

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A 20 minute, near death, out-of-body experience is the catalyst for Shawnise Chantell’s new book, “God Within the Lily.” The author’s debut memoir is the harrowing account of how she almost lost her life and gained salvation.

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