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“My scars have shown me a new path, one that I am blessed to share with the world.”

Shawnise Chantell’s celebrated memoir, “God Within the Lily” is the author’s courageous attempt to share her painful story. What should have been a routine procedure turned into a 54-day hospital stay and left the young mother of three with lingering emotional and physical scars.

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God Within the Lily

Life is a series of moments. Some take these moments for granted. This is not true for Shawnise Chantell. A lifetime lover of adventure and experience, Shawnise loved every moment of life. After giving birth to her third child, Chantell’s life was turned upside down. Her book, God Within the Lily, is the author’s recollection of events that would change her life forever. Her near-death experience was the catalyst for her rebirth. Still loving life, Shawnise is now inspired to share her story with others in hopes that they will not waste any moments.

An incredible near-death experience!

Shawnise's Story

Shawnise's story is a testimony to God's goodness, grace, and mercy!

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A 20 minute, near death, out-of-body experience is the catalyst for Shawnise Chantell’s new book, “God Within the Lily.” The author’s debut memoir is the harrowing account of how she almost lost her life and gained salvation.

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